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At EBACE Choices Matter

To introduce 4WARD to our friends and partners in business aviation in Europe, we hosted a cocktail party at EBACE in May. But how to serve the message by the method? We consulted Geneva’s… VIEW MORE

Moving Beyond Carbon Offsets

In the mainstream aviation world, carbon offset credits have become the standard operating procedure for greening the skies. To do this, a company must accurately measure the carbon dioxide emissions… VIEW MORE

Ethiopia Creates a Roadmap to Sustainable Aviation Fuel

To explore and advance Ethiopia’s capacity to produce biofuels for use as sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB) developed a 10-year SAF roadmap for… VIEW MORE

Forging the Fossil-Free Fuel Future

Fossil fuels power the aviation industry, and world leaders are calling for change. France, Sweden, and Denmark have all pledged to transition to fossil-free domestic flights by 2030, although the… VIEW MORE

New Routes, More Rails

At the start of the pandemic in 2020, air travel faced a massive disruption. In early April 2020, global emissions were down by a stunning 17% due to worldwide transportation shutdowns. But even as… VIEW MORE

Breathing Green

What’s the best way to keep our skies blue? Planting more green, of course! Trees fight climate change by removing carbon from the air, but they also improve soil and water quality on earth.… VIEW MORE

Leveling Up Plastic Recycling

The ubiquity of plastic, an oil-based product, is an environmental disaster. Even though we recycle some specific plastics, almost 95% of plastic products don’t get a second life due to poor sorting,… VIEW MORE

Plastic, Be Gone!

Single-use plastic is a major feature in all of our lives. And much of our plastic ends up in the ocean – 14 million tons each year, to be precise. When small plastic microfibers are ingested by sea… VIEW MORE