Maintenance Organization

Aruban registered aircraft shall only be maintained by maintenance technicians or maintenance organizations licensed or certificated by the DCA.

The DCA of Aruba automatically accepts maintenance organizations approved by several competent authorities listed here below, without the need for an on-site audit. Those maintenance organizations have met the equivalent standard of AUA-RLW regulation within the scope of work as stated in the approval. 


  • EASA Part 145 organization, using an EASA Part 145 approval number; and
  • UAE GCAA CAR 145 organization, using a GCAA CAR 145 approval number
  • Singapore CAAS SAR Part 145 organization, using a CAAS SAR Part 145 approval number
  • Hong Kong CAD HKAR-145 Part 145, using a HKAR-145 Part 145 approval number
  • UK CAA Part 145. using a UK CAA Part 145 approval number 

For facilities not holding an approval from the above mentioned authorities, the DCA can proceed with the validation, only after an audit or inspection has been conducted satisfactorily by a DCA airworthiness inspector. 


In order to apply for a DCA acceptance or validation a written request via email shall be submitted to your registration officer, together with the following documentation:


  • Application Form INS-4.065
  • Local Certificate & Ops Specs
  • Authorized Personnel for Release to Service
  • Training Schedule
  • Audit Schedule
  • Sample CRS
  • MOE (Including Quality Program)  


For further information on how to obtain your Aruban MRO acceptances, please contact us at