As a result of the world outbreak of COVID-19, most countries have introduced, in one way or another, several restrictions to their citizens and to passenger(s) traveling into their country.


However, air cargo services are vital for the economy and for fighting COVID-19, and global supply chains depend on them being operated unhindered. Air cargo should therefore be able to continuously deliver critical products such as food, medical supplies and personal protective equipment (PPE), and other products which are vital for the functioning of sensitive supply chains. Following this more and more operators are required to fly cargo using passengers’ aircraft. 


Although, AUA-OPS 1.270 allows cargo to be transported within the passenger cabin, it is an extraordinary situation, for an entire passenger cabin to be loaded with cargo. Passenger cabins are not designed for an all-cargo configuration. 


Accordingly, this document provides requirements, conditions, and guidelines for the approval of transporting cargo in a cabin certified to carry only passengers. It also provides information and recommendations and guidelines for certificate holders to better evaluate regulatory implications and safety risks when transporting only cargo inside the passenger cabin of an airplane operating under AUA-OPS1. 

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