Please find here the COVID-19 emergency response guidelines for PEL, outlining the extension and exceptions the DCA has put place to support our operators during this time and for the foreseeable future.


In essence, the DCA shall proceed as follows:

The DCA will continue to request licence verification for first issues but, will process and issue the validation and  Certified True Copy (CTC), pending the license verification from the CAA involved after their quarantine.


For the validations, the CTC will be issued for a term of 90 days, extend CTC’s will provided to the respective parties, once payment confirmation for the validation has been received by our financial department. We will ensure that every invoice includes a payment link allowing you to pay via credit for easy payment.  


Note that as mail courier is not reliable during this time, your original certificates will not be mailed until the COVID-19 situation has been resolved, please treat your extended CTC as if they were your original during this period, once mail couriers are able to operator as usual we will make sure they are sent out at once. 


We are hopeful that we will not need to extend the period of the CTC by more than 90 days, but rest assured that should the situation not be resolved by then or you do not have your original in hand by the date of expiry, we will make sure to issue an extension to your CTC. 


We have been and will continue to monitor very closely the spread of the COVID-19  as well as constantly checking the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines as they are refreshed, the World Health Organization (WHO) and other local and national health organizations; and we will communicate with you regularly to keep you informed of how any of these changes might affect our daily operation. 


As you can understand, this is an unprecedented and ongoing situation; however, note that we are here to support you during this difficult time and will do all that is within our power to minimize the effects of this pandemic on your operation. 


Should you find yourself in need of assistance, please feel free to contact us, at any time, at the numbers below or send us an email to: 


Emergency Contacts / Miami Office:


Ms. Alexandria Colindres               

+1 305-798-1691

Mrs. Sue Cuestas                       

+1 786-683-2252

Ms. Kate Lardizabal                        

+1 704-502-9055

Mrs. Yvonne Alvarez                      

+1 305-439-9464

Mr. Justin Berard                             

+1 305-469-8645

Ms. Julie Lorah                                

+1 610-468-7049

Mrs. Liz Gonzalez

+1 786- 253-1749

Mrs. Katrina Zaldivar                      

+1 305-720-7571



Emergency Contacts / Department of Civil Aviation:

24 hour emergency contact phone is:

+ 297-562-4040

Mr. Glenn Kelly

+ 297-563-2776


+1 305-307-9675


+1 305-399-0329


+1 305-360-9262


Now more than ever, we are reminded of the importance of serving our customers and we thank you for your continued support and confidence in The Registry of Aruba.

Wishing everyone stays safe during this uncertain time.