Lynden Air Cargo Follows their “North Star”

Over the past 25 years, we have proudly served our home state and its residents – in small villages or big cities – by providing assistance in emergencies or disasters, meeting unique requests such as transporting endangered bison to Alaska for a wildlife conservation project, or even delivering a personalized birthday gift to a boy in a Western Alaska village.

In 2018, the Alaska governor honored us with a North Star Award for our long history of assisting in relief and environmental emergencies. We were proud and humbled by the recognition and do, indeed, follow our “North Star” in assisting the people of Alaska.


We delivered  ‘clinic in a can’ mobile hospitals to Western Alaska to provide medical services to remote areas, like the small community of Naknek, and flew buffalo from Yellowstone National Park to the Alutiiq Tribe of Old Harbor, AK, to improve the diversity of its Sitkalidak Bison Herd. 

For everyone at Lynden Air Cargo, from flight crews to flight schedulers, the people and places of Alaska matter. We conduct our regular business each day, but we also consider the ways we can use our Hercules aircraft and speed to improve the lives of our fellow Alaskans. Wherever and whenever we fly, we proudly represent the people of our home state.

Lynden Air Cargo