Article 83 bis (1997) was the first substantial amendment to the Convention on International Civil Aviation (Chicago Convention), and it came into being as a response to industry growth and leasing trends. Under Article 83 bis, a bilateral agreement can be signed between the aviation authorities of two contracting states. A bilateral agreement transfers and delegates the responsibility for the regulation and safety oversight of an aircraft in accordance with the requirements of the state of registration from that state to the air transport authorities in the airline’s home state. This means that aircraft registered in Aruba can be operated for commercial purposes by a foreign Aircraft Operator Certificate (AOC) holder. Currently, has the following MoU and/or Article 83bis agreements:
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83Bis Agreement between Kazakhstan and Aruba PDF Download
83bis Agreement between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Aruba PDF Download
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Bilateral Agreement USA and Aruba PDF Download
MOU Agreement between Dominican Republic and Aruba PDF Download
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