Certificate of Release to Service (CRS)

A maintenance release shall be completed and signed to certify that the maintenance work has been performed in accordance with the maintenance programme or other data and procedures acceptable to the DCA. 


A maintenance release shall contain a certification including: 

a) basic details of the maintenance performed; 

b) the date such maintenance was completed; 

c) when applicable, the identity of the approved maintenance organization; and 

 d) the identity of the person or persons signing the release. 


Regarding the CRS sample listed in the guidelines, please refer to the DCA of Aruba Notice No. DL/13531 with a recommendation concerning to the maintenance release statement for the aircraft:


Unless already accomplished, all holders of DCA issued Certificate of Acceptance are required to amend their release statements applicable to aircraft registered in Aruba in order to replace the reference to “Other Competent Authority PART 145 (ie. EASA Part 145)” by “AUA-RLW”.


It is recommended to refer to the Aruba DCA approval number following the release statement.

Relevant Forms and Regulations