Maintenance Control Manual (MCM)

The DCA of Aruba requires that the operator of a privately managed aircraft have a Maintenances Control Manual (MCM). In order to show compliance with Aruba's AUA-OPS 2 regulation, you at the initial registration you are required to submit  Company Manuals Compliance Statement checklist INS-3.056CC. 


A full description of the DCA policies and guidance on acceptable MCM is contained in AMC-038 | AUA-OPS 2 Manuals 


The owner/operator’s Airworthiness Coordinator is required to outline in INS-4.009 the details of the nominated airworthiness coordinator, those organizations with contracts to perform line and base maintenance, subcontracting of continuing airworthiness tasks, and the records system in use and details of any contracted validated Licensed Aircraft Engineers.


The DCA allows aircraft maintenance engineers that hold a DCA license validation to perform limited line maintenance and defect rectification. A formal application for a license validation can be made using form INS-4.026.