Maintenance Program


The operator must ensure that the aeroplane/helicopter is maintained in accordance with the operator’s aeroplane/helicopter maintenance programme. The programme must contain details, including frequency, of all maintenance and inspections required to be carried out. The programme will be required to include a reliability programme when the DCA of Aruba determines that such a reliability programme is necessary. 


M.I.P. for Aircraft Operated under AUA OPS 2 (GA)


The AMP Commitment Statement for an aircraft operated in Aruba privately under AUA OPS 2 | General Aviation (Aeroplanes) is required to be accepted by the DCA before a Certificate of Airworthiness can be issued.


The owner/operator’s Airworthiness Coordinator is required to submit form INS-4.070 as part of requirements for the initial C of A. Upon satisfactorily review the DCA will formally accept the Maintenance Commitment Letter.



M.I.P. for Aircraft Operated under AUA-OPS 1 (CAT)


The Maintenance Program for an aircraft operated commercially under an ICAO Article 83bis agreement or an Aruban AOC utilizing AUA OPS 1 | Commercial Air Transport is required to be approved by the DCA before a Certificate of Airworthiness can be issued.


The operator shall develop its own maintenance program based on among others the MPD, MRB, former operator’s maintenance programme, powerplant and propeller’s manufacturer’s requirements and recommendations.


A full description of the DCA policies and guidance on acceptable maintenance programs are contained in AMC 17 - Operators Maintenance Inspection Programme.