Waiver of On-site CoA Inspection for New Aircraft (From Factory)

The Department of Civil Aviation of Aruba (DCA) is responsible for issuing the First Issue Certificate of Airworthiness (CofA) for aircraft, both new and used, after successful physical inspection by an Airworthiness Inspector onsite.

However, based on their experience and results over the years, the DCA has recently decided to adapt its policy regarding the inspection of new aircraft entering the P4 registry.

As of January 9th, 2023, the DCA will no longer conduct an onsite CofA inspection for new delivered aircraft, provided that certain conditions are met. These conditions include the acceptance or in-process acceptance of the Aircraft Type Certificate by the DCA, the aircraft being new and released from the Production Holder, and the submission of various records, including production test reports, customer acceptance flight reports, and maintenance requirements. 


Please find here below a detailed list of what are the conditions to waive the on-site inspection:

1) Aircraft Type Certificate need to be accepted by the DCA or in process of being accepted;

2) The aircraft has to be new and must be released from Production Holder (PH). Utilization hours

for test purposes maybe included;

3) PH must provide an Export C of A not older than 60 days;


Records that need to be submitted to DCA are:

4) Production Test Report from PH;

5) Latest Customer Acceptance Flight Report;

6) List of concession granted during production with the additional maintenance requirements, if


7) Records mentioned in AMC-012 Chapter 5(a), as applicable. Refer to the attached page for

specific guidance.