Frequently Asked Questions | Aircraft Registration in Aruba 



1. Can you reserve registration marks out of sequence?

Aruba offers the unique prefix of P4 followed by a combination of three to five alphanumeric characters, which enables owners or operators to customize their aircraft registration marks and create attractive, exclusive combinations, for free.

Proceed to the Registration Mark Search section on our website to check the availability of your desired Aruban registration mark:

www.theregistryofaruba.com or send us an email with your request to hello@p4registry.com


2. What is the timeline for the aircraft to be registered in Aruba?

Aircraft registration can be achieved in 24-48 hours after receiving all required documents listed in our guidelines and a satisfactory inspection of the aircraft and its records has been completed.


3. What is the cost to register an aircraft in Aruba?

Our fees are based on the Maximum Take-off Weight (MTOW) of the aircraft, upon receipt of the aircraft weight we can provide you with a quote.

Note that the following services offered are free of charge: Certificate of Registration, Noise Certificate, Aircraft Radio Station License, Mode S Code Designation, Out-of-Sequence Registration Marks, AFM approval, Airspace approvals (RVSM, MNPS, etc.), AWOPS approvals, Initial Manuals Review and Approval, and After-Hours Requests.


4. What is the validity period of the Certificate of Registration (CoR)?

The Certificate of Registration (CoR) has a validity period of up to three (3) years or the expiry date of the lease/management agreement, whichever occurs first.


5. Will the aircraft be required to fly to Aruba to complete the registration process?

No, there is no need to fly the aircraft to Aruba while registered P4.


6. Is an Export CoA required by the Aruba DCA for registration?

To preserve the value of your aircraft, it is recommended that when registering you provide the DCA an Export CoA, although it is not required. 

Aircraft imported from an EASA Member State requires no Export Certificate of Airworthiness, provided that the aircraft has an EASA Certificate of Airworthiness (C of A) and current Airworthiness Review Certificate (ARC). 

Should you wish to register without and export, a waiver can be requested to the DCA, understanding that when the aircraft leaves the registry, an Export CoA will not be granted. 


7. How will the operator receive the certificates to be granted to the aircraft at the moment of registration?

At the moment of registration, the operator will receive a Certified True Copy (CTC) of the original certificates which is valid for (15) fifteen days from the date of issue. While the original certificates are to be sent via courier directly to the operator.

Please note should the aircraft be operating and unable to receive original copy of certificates, the DCA is willing to issue an updated Certified True Copy with an extended validity.


8. Is the creation of an Aruba Company required to register the aircraft?

No, please inquire about domicile, or read more on our registration page titled - Registration Framework

*Not applicable for aircraft under an Aruban AOC.


9. Which manuals is the operator required to submit to the Aruba DCA?

For aircraft operating under AUA-OPS2 (General Aviation):


DCA Aruba requires all operators to submit the following manual for approval:

Customized Minimum Equipment List (MEL)


The following manuals need not be submitted to the DCA-Aruba for assessment, please submit instead the applicable INS application forms: 

Company Manuals Compliance Statement checklist INS-3.056CC, is required to be submitted for the:

  • Operations Manual (OM)
  • Safety Management System (SMS)
  • Maintenance Control Manual (MCM)

AMP Commitment Statement (FORM INS 4.070)

  • For the MIP/AMP Manual 

When applying for Special Operations Approvals (e.g. AWOPS, EFB, RVSM, NAT-HLA)., the sections of the applicable manuals containing the operational procedures, will be required to be submitted.

*For aircraft operating commercially (AUA-OPS 1), please reach out to us at: hello@p4registry.com, for further information. 


10.  What are the weight limitations for an Aircraft to be registered in Aruba?

We welcome private, corporate, & commercial aircraft with a minimum take-off weight (MTOW) of 5,700 kgs and helicopters with a minimum take-off weight (MTOW) of 1,000 kgs.


11.  Can an aircraft registration mark be re-used once it has been decommissioned by another aircraft?

  • Registration marks shall not be re-assigned for a period of 30 days.
  • Exemption to the above can be granted under the following condition: 
    • There shall be at least a period of one (1) week between the de-registration and registration of an aircraft if the owner or operator remains the same.
  • The registration marks of aircraft involved in a fatal accident shall not be re-used.