Registration Framework

Our official memorandum DOM 01  offers a complete overview of the person or company who qualifies to hold ownership of an aircraft registered in Aruba. While also lists the critical elements enacted when electing domicile and provides a list of the countries that qualify to complete aircraft registration in Aruba through this legislation.


The registration of an aircraft under the domicile regime does not create a taxable presence in Aruba, and it eliminates the need to form an Aruban company or corporation. Thus, by utilizing the domicile regimen, qualified foreign legal-corporate entities & U.S. Trustees can keep their existing company structure when registering in Aruba.


Complete application form IASO A-80 for aircraft registration via domicile. Submit along with IASO form A-80 articles of incorporation and letter of good standing of the company appointed as the registering entity, along with additional compliance documentation. 


For an aircraft to be operated the applicable regulation privately is AUA OPS 2 (General Aviation Aeroplanes), or AUA OPS 2 (H) for General Aviation Operations for Helicopters.


For an aircraft to be operated commercially using an Aruba AOC or under a foreign AOC utilizing an ICAO Article 83bis agreement, the applicable regulation is AUA OPS 1 (Commercial Air Transport).


Foreign legal corporate entities and U.S. trustees can keep their existing company structures be electing to register their aircraft in Aruba via domicile. 


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